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Why do young single women prefer relationships with married men?  

Amazingly, More single babes are becoming attracted to married men, and intentionally going for them in relationships. Here’s the reason.

Young Women are intentionally trying to date married men. Why?

Yes it’s overwhelming, but not surprising that young ladies now have open relationships with married men. However, people once felt the married men often tricked the mind fragile girls to relationships, but it’s looks the other way round now.

More unmarried women are apparently becoming attracted to married men, and intentionally seeking them out for seduction.

In this article, over the period of seven days on popular relationship expert, Joro Olumofin’s Instagram blog few months back, I witnessed reports upon reports roll in.

With several personal accounts underlining the repeatedness of the practice and proving how it has become a ‘goal’ for young, single women to have married partners as against dating a young single just like them.

Are the days gone when it was married men who used to trick single women into relationships?

———-Why young single women date married men?—–

Firstly, the obvious reason young women date married men is basically for higher financial gain. This proves a research conducted by Gutsynaij.

According to comments by few interviewed, the young women admired the manner to which the married men spends without remorse.

Few others felt they are even more sexually capable, as they have bigger experience of sex actions.

An Instagram user shares his personal experience on Joro’s Instagram page within the period mentioned above.

He expressed how getting married, allows him more frenzy of young single women. Adding that he now gets offered sex as cheaply as imaginable.

He wrote :
“…That wedding ring signifies success and stability which these lazy Nigeria girls like,” the anonymous user writes. Whether or not he was being 100% sincere is another thing, I concede.

Regardless, the idea, apparently, for many women who intentionally date married men, is that young men of their own age are yet to find their feet and would find it difficult to meet the outlandish demands they make in order to fund their unsustainable, opulent lifestyles.

Sure, you guessed right!

In regard to that aspect, we can solely affirm that, the main reason why young single women prefer married men remains bigger financial gains.

The need to sustain an expensive lifestyle, probably intimate fellow young women with outrageous costly gadgets, regardless of a low economic standing is one reason why.

Sometimes, Young ladies Feel married men is the chance to live a better, richer life

As also mentioned earlier, another reason why young single women date married men might also be for free sexual permission.

They tend to be less careful, and feel unbiased even when they randomly have sex. Since there is apparently no love, who will they hurt?

“I know a babe who is dating a married man just for the sex,” says Dairo, a photographer in Lagos.

“She says she does not want the clinginess that normal boyfriends often come with. She wants to keep partying and living as she deems fit and not shifting and bending to accommodate some guy in her life.

“They meet, have sex, hang out a little, fool around, have some great laughs; after which the married man returns home to his family and she to her preferred life of singleness.

“I think, like her, many women want both relationships benefits and the independence; a thing which may be difficult with a boyfriend or some other single guy who may likely start to catch feelings after a while of having sex.”

The less involvement mostly exhibited by married men, to side-chicks makes perfect sense to the mode of life, Dairo speaks of.

Young women wants freedom to live as they please, while still enjoying relationship benefits. You see why a married man comes in handy?

Laura, a fun lover, says she believes married men tends to treat single women better, as they have the experience even more.

This is also a point of attraction for few other young ladies.

Having been with a married man for a while and being a man in his mid-thirties or even older, would enabled him to not just be more financially gallant, but also very experienced at treating women with more care.

However, Dating married men is wrong

The reasons for dating married people, no matter how better they sound to those ladies practicing them, are still not, and never will be enough, to justify the practice of dating someone else’s husband.

And of course, it won’t hold water as an excuse for married men who cheat on their wives, too.

Also, it’s doesn’t exclude married men who also cheat on wives too. They’re fully accountable for their actions and should desist from it.

Lastly, Some might say karma will show up at your doorstep later in life, but whether or not it, rethink!

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